Olive Harvest 2011 in Burqin

Celebrate the Olive Harvest 2011 with Canaan Fair Trade community & visit the 3rd oldest church in the world – Church of St. George in Burqin !!

Olive Harvest Palestine

When you think of Northern Palestine – you think of beautiful nature, mountains and thousands of olive trees. When planning a trip to this direction do not miss Burqin, a village situated about 3 km west of Jenin and around 30 km south of Nazareth.

Church in Burqin

Burqin is famous for its Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, located on the northern slope of the village, overlooking Wadi Burqin (Burqin Valley). The monastery is the 5th holiest Christian place and the 3rd oldest church in the world. According to Christian tradition, Jesus Christ passed through Burqin on his way to Jerusalem from Nazareth. The church was built as a memory exactly on the spot where Christ cured 10 lepers.

Burqin is as well a location of Canaan Fair Trade community representatives and their modern facility for olive oil production. The Canaan Fair Trade is a mission based Palestinian fair trade company that seeks to empower small Palestinian producer communities. “The facility is bustling year-round. “From olive oil pressing in the fall to sun-dried tomato season in the summer”.

Canaan Fair Trade Tour

Canaan Fair Trade Tour

Canaan Fair Trade invites everybody to experience the true Palestinian hospitability! They make tours around their farm, where you could see “the ancient olive groves and the cutting edge processing facility”. There you could view the complete process of olive oil production from farm to table, learn about the importance of olives and olive in Palestinian culture and then even taste their homemade traditional Palestinian Taboun bread and dip it in the Canaan olive oil. You can visit the farm from Sunday till Thursday form 8 am – 5 pm. The cost of the tour is 50 NIS.

Celebrate the Olive Harvest – 04.11.2011

Join Canaan Fair Trade’s annual Olive Harvest Festival in Burqin, organized every first Friday of each November. There you can participate in special cultural and social happenings, where you would get to know Palestinian folklore and their agricultural heritage better.  The event is an important event that strengthens the relationships between community members and gives an opportunity for the farmers to meet the consumers wishing to buy their products.

Special! Canaan Insiders Tour – November 1-5, 2011

Canaan Fair Trade brochures

Read more about the St. George Church in Burqin in the article from This Week in Palestine and check Canaan Fair Trade website to know more about the organization.


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