Art Galleries in Ramallah

Ramallah is a vibrant Palestinian city, which recently became famous for its great infrastructural development and the shift in its residents life style. The city is a cosmopolitan center with a great number of lively cafes, coffee bars, lounges, restaurants but also… art galleries and cultural centers!

Ramallah Architecture

Ramallah has become the a hub of Palestine’s modern art  – the fresh art which is a combination of contemporary and traditional ingredients.

Usually, there are plenty of things going on in Ramallah! Just pick up This Week in Palestine to see how many art exhibitions, theatrical productions, dance performances, music concerts are scheduled in Ramallah.

If you like any form of art you should check:

Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre

Diala Halabi

The Foundation works at developing and promoting visual artists’ creative skills and exhibiting and collecting art works. Palestinian cultural identity is very important for the Foundation. They hold a lot of regular public activities like:  visual arts exhibitions, concerts, film screenings etc. On the picture exhibition of Diala Halabi. Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre on Facebook.

Al Mahatta Gallery

First International Workshop

Check what is going on in the first professional non-profit arts exhibition space in Ramallah City, which specializes in the contemporary and modern art! Al Mahatta aims to positively contribute to the Palestinian art scene by organizing multiple exhibitions, workshops etc. On the photo Al-Mahata First International Workshop. Al Mahatta Gallery on Facebook.

Cafe La Vie

Cafe La Vie

Is a cultural cozy cafe where you can enjoy their delicious food specialities and regular cultural events. The place is really fun with their dancing nights, garden parties and film screenings and poetry evenings. On the photo bar during one of the salsa nights. Cafe La Vie on Facebook.

French-German Cultural Center

Dance Pokemon

It is a cultural centre jointly run by the Goethe-Institute and the Centre Cultural François. The place located in the center of Ramallah organizes a wide range of cultural events like film screenings, cultural evenings, workshops, seminar and conferences or exhibitions. Their main themes are German and French languages. On the photo Festival of the Contemporary Dance. French-German Cultural Center on Facebook.

The Ethnographic and Art Museum in Birzeit

Amer Shomali Artwork

Birzeit is a little town situated close to Ramallah; the place is famous for its prestigious university. The Ethnographic and Art Museum is a pioneering art space that promotes visual arts ‎within the Palestinian community through various exhibitions, trainings and educational programs. ‎The University allotted a 400 square meter ground floor space in the main University ‎Library as a permanent Museum. On the photo “Framed Unframed” exhibition, Amer Shomali artwork. The Ethnographic and Art Museum on Facebook.


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