Palestinian Sunbird

Palestine’s location on the migration route from Europe and Western Asia to Africa is responsible for the very large number of bird species in the country.

Palestinian Sunbird Female

Palestinian Sunbird is one of the popular species appearing in Palestine, parts of the Middle East and Saharan Africa. It is a small Nectariniidae bird, which means that it mainly feeds on flower nectar. You don’t really need to go far away from a city to meet a Sunbird – house gardens full of flowers are like perfect restaurants, where they gather to sing and eat. The Palestinian Sunbird probably got its name from the area it appears in.

The bird has been suggested as a national bird of Palestine. It actually already is a national and folk symbol for the Palestinian people. In Wikipedia it is categorized as “National symbols of the Palestinian National Authority” together with Palestinian flag and Keffiyeh, the characteristically white-black scarf commonly wear by men.

Sunbird in Palestinian Art Palestine Sunbird Stamp

The bird is commonly associated with the area of Palestinian land and even its picture has been used on post stamps. Nowadays, its image is often painted as it is a beautiful colorful cute bird. The above painting by Ismail Shammout.

It has been as well used by an artist Khaled Jarrar in the design of a potential “State of Palestine” border control stamp, which he stamps into international visitors passports as a call for freedom of Palestine.

State of Palestine Sunbird

To learn more about Khaled Jarrar’s project check his Facebook page.


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