Hebron Festival 2011 – Heritage & Tourism

Take part in Hebron Festival (15.10.2011)! The festival organizers, members of Hebron-France Association for Cultural Exchange, are providing a great opportunity to discover the specials of Hebron’s unique cultural and architectural heritage. So don’t wait – reserve that Saturday for Hebron!!

Hebron Ibrahim Mosque

Did you know that Hebron is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world? It is located only 30 km south of Jerusalem. The town is a sacred place to the three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Ibrahim Mosque, containing the tombs of Abraham, his wives and immediate descendants, is one of the most important landmarks in Palestine. The building was built by Herod the Great (c. 74-4 BC), and it is the only Herodian place, which remains undamaged.

The Hebron-France Association for Cultural Exchange cares to bring more dynamism to the city of Hebron and especially to its Old City, trough the many cultural activities it organizes.

Hebron Festival for Heritage & Tourism

Poster Hebron Festival

This year the organization prepared a special program for the visitors and the inhabitants of Hebron – the Hebron Festival for Heritage & Tourism. The aim of the festival is to strengthen the economy of the city and introduce the visitors to Palestinian traditional arts and crafts, which are greatly manufactured in Hebron. The participants in the event will take part in multiple workshops, conferences and cultural activities. Moreover, there are going to be organized guided tours around the Old City and fun activities for children.

Schedule of Hebron Festival:

Hebron Festival Schedule

Tours in Hebron with AECHF

One of the regular activities of Hebron-France Association for Cultural Exchange are guided alternative tours in Hebron and around. The association provides French and English guides who will help you discover the city and its landmarks. The organization believes that a direct contact with Palestinian people would help you understand their traditions. So the AECHF encourages you to experience the real Palestinian hospitability by staying with the locals in their houses.

On a tour organized by AECHF you would:

  • Have a tour the Old City (the market souk, Abraham mosque, Mameluk houses)
  • Explore the social and political situation from a local perspective
  • Tour sites around Hebron; Bani Naim, Samu’ and other communities
  • Visit the beautiful local craft industries
  • Meet members of social, cultural, and political associations
  • Stay in the homes of families and experience the daily life of Hebronites

Contact AECHF to organize individual or group travel and stay in Hebron.                       Visit their AECHF website or their Facebook page.

Visitor Information Center – Bethlehem wishes you a great time in Hebron!


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