Palestinian Handicrafts

Take home a part of Palestinian culture – Buy a handcrafted souvenir from Palestine.

Handicrafts are a vital part of Palestinian cultural treasure. They reflect the creativity of Palestinian people and are a proof for their national identity. Various forms of arts and crafts are popular through the country.


Palestinian Embriodery

Embroidery is so common that sometimes it is referred to be a national art of Palestine. It is a rich artistic tradition that has been passed down by mothers to their daughters through generations. Designs of embroidered ornaments vary according to the area of origin. Palestinian traditional stitches took a lot form the nature:

Palestinian Stitches

The earliest forms of cross stitch embroidery can be dated back to the 11th century. During the ancient period the colours for the threads were made from the dyes of berries and flowers and pure silk threads were brought from Lebanon and Syria.

Among many items made of cloth women dresses have always been the most common embroidered item. As well nowadays embroidered fabric is commonly used as part of clothing or decoration for bags, purses, pencil cases, book covers, pillowcases etc.


Glass and Ceramics

Pottery is an ancient Palestinian tradition that has been carried from the Biblical times. At present the country manufactures various forms of pottery items that are both hand-made and fired. The pottery of Hebron is well known all over the world for their distinct style and finish.

Olive Wood and Mother of Pearl

The Palestinian manufacture of religious and decorative items in olivewood and mother of pearl is an old tradition from the area of Bethlehem, nowadays famous around the world.

Olive Wood Palestine

Olive wood with its variety of natural colours and shades is a perfect material for very decorative items and figures. Carved olivewood and mother of pearl items include ornamental boxes, picture frames, book covers, candleholders, Christmas decorations, rosaries and a lot more. Crib scenes with figures of the Holy Family, the three Magi, and the shepherds are very popular among tourists and pilgrims visiting Palestine.

So don’t wait! Have a piece Palestinian culture for your own! – Buy a handcrafted souvenir from Palestine.


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