“Olive Oil Tasting & Tours” – Event in the VIC

On the occasion of the Olive Harvest Season 2011 the VIC and Canaan Fair Trade have a pleasure to invite you for ”Olive Oil Tasting & Tours”. Come to the VIC on the 22nd of October to meet the Canaan Fair Trade representative & learn more!!

Olive Oil Tasting and Tours


The VIC would like to introduce you to the Canaan Fair Trade company, their organic fair trade products & the tours organized around their olive oil production facility in Burqin.

Canaan Tours in Burqin:

On a Canaan Tour you will learn about the agricultural heritage of Palesine & the importance of olive trees in Palestinian culture, meet the Canaan farmers and have a posibility to observe the art of olive oil production, as well as taste the fresh organic oil.

Canaan Products

The exposition of Canaan Fair Trade in the VIC will last until the 4th of November – the day of the Canaan Festival 2011 in Burqin, so you could learn more about their tours and taste their products during this time.

Read more about the Canaan Fair Trade in this post on our blog & learn more about the Visitor Information Center here or check our Facebook.


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