Christmas in Bethlehem – Events’ Calendar December 2011

Visitor Information Center prepared Christmas Calendar 2011 – a collection of the upcoming Christmas events in Bethlehem.

Check this post regularly. It is going to be updated as soon as the VIC will know about any new event going on in Bethlehem. If you have any questions or know about any new event not yet mentioned in the post – Contact the VIC.

Christmas in Bethlehem 2011 Events


  • Solemn lightning of the Christmas tree in front of the Nativity Church at 5:30 – Manger Square
  • Concert in the Nativity Church at 6pm – The group from Norway and R. Banna
  • Art Exhibitions in Dar Annadwa – all day long
  • Christmas Market in Peace Center from 3 pm


  • First concert of Christmas Festival –  A. Hasan – Manger Square 7pm
  • Exhibitions in Dar Annadwa
  • Christmas Market in Peace Center from 3 pm


  • Christmas Show “Lause & Santa Clause” –  within Saint Nicolas Celebrations at Women Child Care Society hall – Beit Jala at 3pm
  • Exhibitions in Dar Annadwa
  • “Great Joy Celebration” at the People’s Market at 4:50 PM. + Lightning of the Christmas Tree in Beit Sahour around 6pm
  • Christmas Festival –  M. Swaity 7pm & R. Banna 8pm – Manger Square


  • Christmas Festival – R. Coral Al-Raja group 5:30 pm, G. Talgieh & M. Youssef – Manger Square
  • Exhibitions in Dar Annadwa


  • St. Nickolas Feast – Scouts Parade in Beit Jala 11:30 am
  • Christmas Show “Lause & Santa Clause” – Dar Annadwa 4pm
  • Christmas Festival – R. Stalhofen & Band 6:30pm, M.Hartenberger 8pm, ‘A el-Raseef 9pm – Manger Square


  • Christmas Show “Lause & Santa Clause” – Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitaion – Beit Jala 11am
  • Baroque Music Festival 2011 – Bsiarach Church in Beit Jala at 4:30pm.
  • Christmas Festival – Fa 6:30pm, Cardiac Move 8pm – Manger Square
  • Palestinian Youth Orchestra Concert in the St. Catherine Church at 7:30pm
  • Shibat Rock ‘n’ car’Roll Concer at Intercontinental Hotel at 8pm (50 NIS)


  • Christmas Show “Lause & Santa Clause” – Terra Santa School 9:30am
  • Christmas Festival – L. Bellon 6:30pm, D. Fresh 7pm, Peter Pan & INEM 8pm – Manger Square


  • Christmas Festival – Heart to Heart 6:30pm, Turab Group 8:30pm
  • Shibat Rock ‘n’ car’Roll Concer at Dar Annadwa at 7pm (40 NIS)



  • Christmas Eve
  • Greeting the Patriarch of Jerusalem in Bethlehem – the Scout Show
  • Shepherds’ Nights Festival in Beit Sahour – concerts, games – from 4pm, Shibat Band plays at 6pm
  • Concert of the Christmas Carols in the Manger Square
  • Christmas Carols in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church from 7pm
  • Midnight Mass in the St. Catherine Church – Nativity Church



  • Bethlehem Christmas Festival – 80-voice Festival Choir “The Hope of Christmas” at Dar Annadwa 6pm

Check more about Rock to Bethlehem Christmas Festival and Shepherds’ Nights Festival on their web-pages and check regularly the VIC’s Facebook Page to be always updated. 


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