Star Street in Bethlehem

Star Street in Bethlehem is a very special place. It is believed that this is the way Mary and Joseph were coming to Nativity Grotto in Bethlehem. To commemorate this happening, all the Christmas parades are following this street in the direction of the Basilica of the Nativity.

Star Street in Bethlehem

Star Street begins at Star Square, to minutes away from the Manger Square, and continues to the site of Wells of David. When following the street you can notice Qaus Az-Zararah, known as the oldest principal gate to the town! On your way, on your left site you can notice the Greek Catholic Church and the Convent of the Rosary Sisters, founded in 1893. This part of town is called Ras Efteis. A road on the right leads into the Catholic Action Center and the Wells of David.

Star Street in Bethlehem

While strolling the Star Street, notice the beautiful architecture of the old buildings located on its narrow roads. The traditional architectural style of the old Center of Bethlehem gives a medieval aspect to the town. Old Houses took a the shape of a complex and their external  appearance resembled that of a fortress. However, most of the presently seen buildings along Star Street were built in the 19th century. Notice  the decorative finishing of their windows and doors.

Visitor Information Center wishes you a great time in Bethlehem!


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