Few more words about the Visitor Information Center – Bethlehem

The Visitor Information Center (VIC) in Bethlehem was established by Franciscan Father Ibrahim Feltas in December, 2010, as a project of the John Paul II Foundation, with its base in the Middle East in Bethlehem. VIC’s main goal is to serve tourists in Bethlehem with relevant for their visit. The Center is located in the heart of Bethlehem, just next to the Bethlehem Municipality in one corner of Manger Square, just adjacent to the Nativity Church. The central location of the office makes it easily reachable for all visitors.

Watch a video introducing you to the VIC here. Enjoy 🙂

The Visitor Information Center is proud to participate in the direct development of the tourism sector of Palestine. With its dynamic, air conditioned setup, VIC provides free help for travellers across the country and other sites in the Holy Land. The VIC’s friendly and professional employees are ready to give information and advice on a wide range of topics to help all visitors make the most of their visit here. The VIC can also assist in reservations and booking for multiple services such as: hotels, transportation and car rentals, guided tours and cultural events. We provide free maps of the main Palestinian cities, as well as a great selection of free leaflets, brochures on multiple destinations, accommodations, attractions and upcoming events. The VIC is a place where any visitor can take a break and relax after the long walk through Bethlehem. The office provides cold water, which is very refreshing during the warm sunny days in Palestine. The modern design of the VIC offers a welcoming atmosphere and highlights different languages while incorporating the message of Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Palestine. It blends the functional with the traditional.

The project’s aim is not only to direct and provide the knowledge to our visitors about the main sights of interest in Bethlehem and further Palestine, but also to provide broad information on the places and issues which cannot be presently found in the tour guide books. For example, the average guide books focus mostly on the historical places of the Holy Land, but in the Visitor Information Center tourists can receive more recent and up-to-date information about some new institutions, entertainment places, and present and future events. By starting your tour at the Visitors’ Center initial tourists will be able to find what best suits their interests and also gain a clear understanding of the great and hidden treasures of this beautiful and hospitable Land.

“The place gave me a lot of information and useful addresses and the VIC’s atmosphere is very friendly.”  Said Lisa from Germany.

When a person enters the VIC one can see this sentence written on the wall “PALESTINE CULTURE IS OUR PASSION” and indeed it is! We would like to share this interest with our guests! The VIC always suggests visiting the local museums, taking part in cultural activities, theatre plays, film screenings, or Dabke the national Palestinian dance. It introduces the visitors to Bethlehem to the local handmade arts and crafts or recommends some restaurants serving native food.

~ The Visitor Information Center wishes their visitors a great (full of important information!) time in Palestine.



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