Bethlehem – Your Travel Base

Visitor Information Center would like to encourage the visitors to make Bethlehem the base for your travel, not only because our office is situated here on the Manger Square, where we could provide you a lot of information regarding your travel :-). But as well, because Bethlehem is a very interesting and special town in the world! From here you could reach many places located around! In case of any questions, please contact us.

“We were impressed by Bethlehem! It is a very nice town and people in here are very friendly. When we come next time, we are going to have our accommodation in Bethlehem” ~ said a couple of visitors from Germany, exactly at the same day the article was written 🙂

From Bethlehem to Jerusalem

The easiest way to get from Bethlehem to the Old City of Jerusalem is taking bus no. 21 from the area called Bab el-Zqaq in the cross road between road to Beit Jala and Hebron-Jerusalem road. The bus is coming every 15-20 minutes and it costs 7 NIS.

From Bethlehem to Hebron

To get from Bethlehem to Hebron you could take an orange collective taxi (for 7 persons) or bus number 23 form the same place where you take bus number 21 to Jerusalem – Bab el-Zqaq (crossroad of Hebron-Jerusalem road and Beit Jala road), but just from the opposite site of the street. Either, you can catch a collective orange taxi from the Central Bus Station of Bethlehem, situated in the lowest floor of the building called Bethlehem City Mall in the center of Bethlehem on the Manger Street. The cost of the drive (from both places) is 9 NIS and it takes around 25-30 minutes to reach Hebron from Bethlehem.

The bus stops in Hebron on the Central Bus Station, just at the entrance to the Old City of Hebron. See the attached map:

From Bethlehem to Jericho or Ramallah

To take a collective taxi (orange mini bus for 7 persons) to Ramallah or Jericho, go the Central Bus Station of Bethlehem, situated in the lowest floor of the building called Bethlehem City Mall in the center of Bethlehem at the Manger Street. The cost for both rides is around 20-25 NIS. The way to Ramallah takes around 45-60 minutes and to Jericho around 70-80 minutes. In both cases the taxis are stopping in the centers of the towns. Please check this page for online maps of Palestinian cities.

From Bethlehem to Nablus via Ramallah

To get to Nablus from Bethlehem with the public transportation you need to reach Ramallah first, and than take the collective taxi to Nablus. The procedure is very easy. You take the mini bus to Nablus in the same place where you get off in Ramallah – on the Ramallah’s Bus Station. The ticket from Ramallah to Nablus costs around 20 NIS.

See the attached map of Nablus:


Visitor Information Center provides free maps in the printed form of all the mentioned places and more 🙂 Please check as well this page for some online maps of Palestinian cities and valuable online guide books with plenty of beautiful pictures and useful information.

VIC’s Tours:

Visitor Information Center is aware that some of you prefer to visit the mentioned places with an assistance of a licensed guide or at least a knowledgeable driver. That is why, we would like to offer you our help in finding or creating a tour suitable to your needs. Contact the VIC. Often it would be good to contact us some time in advance that we could present the tour also to the other visitors – shearing the cost would make it cheaper for all. If you require a guide in any language we would make our best to find one 🙂


If you are looking for an accommodation in Bethlehem – simply ask the VIC for help. You could stay in a high standard hotel, hostel, guest house or a private apartment if for longer – everything is possible 🙂

Hostels in Bethlehem

In case if all the places would be booked, please contact the Visitor Information Center – we are going to help you in finding a place to stay in Bethlehem.  Contact VIC ! For example, we would like to direct you to a very nice guest house with very good conditions, toilet in the room and breakfast for only 50 NIS per person. Please contact us for reserving the place for you.

Visitor information Center wishes you a pleasant time in Palestine!


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