Sufi Trails in Palestine – Transportation from Bethlehem

Visitor Information Center Bethlehem would like to announce that Al Rozana Association of BirZeit has begun the season for the Sufi Trails 2012. Their first walk was very successful! NEXT WALK: 18.05.2012

Al Rozana is ready to organize another tour and is just waiting for us to tell them when! The VIC would like to make it more available / easier for the visitors and inhabitants of Bethlehem who would like to join the tour. That is why we would like to organize a transportation from Bethlehem to BirZeit at that day! What do you think about it? CONTACT US if you are interested.

Building of Al Rozana Association in BirZeit

What are the Sufi Trails?

“Hidden in the mountains north of Ramallah, on the hilltops and in the old Palestinian villages, lies a scattered network of Sufi shrines and sacred sites that go back to remote pre-history. The Sufi Trails are designed to help you explore the landscape – to walk the paths through the oak forests and olive groves, to discover the story of these forgotten sanctuaries, and to meet the kind, welcoming people who live in these villages today.

The Sufi Trails have been designed to take you into a landscape unseen by most travellers. The trails connect some of the most beautiful Islamic shrines and historic towns in Palestine, and pass through some of its finest countryside.” by This Week in Palestine

Practical info about the Sufi Trails 2012

  • Destination: The first Sufi Trail is going to conduct the trail of Prophet Gheith.
  • Date: Many people suggested Fridays.
  • Time of the trip: 9 am – 3 pm (preferable, but can be changed)
  • Starting Point: BirZeit at Al Rozana Association
  • Meeting Point & Time in Bethlehem: In front of the VIC (Manger Square) – around 8 am (exact time – soon)
  • Price from BirZeit: 100 NIS (includes: comprehensive transportation from Birzeit and back, food and tour guide)
  • Price of transportation from Bethlehem and back: lower cost if we are a bigger group.

How to get from Bethlehem to Birzeit on my own?
It is possible to take a service taxi from Bethlehem’s Central Bus Station to Ramallah (20 NIS one way) and in Ramallah change for the service to Birzeit (around 5 NIS). There are many taxis from Ramallah to Birzeit, especially in the morning.
Prophet Ghaith Trail Overview:
The Nabi Ghaith trail is a fabulous day’s walk from the medieval Sufi shrine of Nabi Ghaith down along the remote Wadi Natuf. The valley gives its name to the pre-historic culture of the Natufians – a people who lived in the eastern Mediterranean some 12,000 years ago, and who may have been among the first humans to cultivate plants, domesticate animals, and build permanent settlements. The track takes you through the hidden gardens of the village, where you may well be invited to drink tea under the orange trees. The walk ends at the natural springs of Ein Zarqa, from where you can leave by road back to Birzeit or Ramallah.
* Plase wear comfortable shoes and clothing

* In case of any questions or wish of joining the trip contact VIC –  CONTACT US

* Contact Christine at Al Rozana Association: 0599551328,

More about Sufi Trails:

Sufi shrines and sacred sites have long been part of the landscape and culture of Palestine. From the time of the crusades to the end of the Ottoman Empire – a period of some 700 years – these shrines were part of a living tradition of rural prayer and pilgrimage. They have often taken over the sites of the ruins of Byzantine churches, Roman garrisons or prehistoric caves and command magnifecent views of the surrounding landscape and the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Sufi Trails invites travelers to explore this neglected aspect of Palestine’s heritage, and to discover areas of the country overlooked by conventional tourism. A series of one-day tours take you deep into the countryside and allows you to explore villages that are far from the beaten track. Best of all, these paths are an invitation to meet some of the most hospitable people in the country. Enjoy a picnic under the olive trees, or arrange for lunch with a friendly local family.

All tours are guided, and the 2-3 hour walking section of the each tour can be arranged for all levels of hiking ability. (Text prepared by the Palestinian Tourist Organization)

Visitor Information Center Bethlehem wishes you a great time in Palestine!


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