Traditional Palestinian Food in Bethlehem

There are plenty of places in Bethlehem where you can eat something tasty! Eat, eat! You need energy to tour in Bethlehem!

Traditional Food

“Eat like the locals, I promise you that they know what food to eat and not to eat. Try something local in small places – you won’t regret it. My favorite dish in this area must be bread and hummus and falafel, or mezza which is a dish to share. Lots of bread and lots of different stews, dips and small dishes to eat with the bread. You’ll LOVE it!! By Whoopi

Palestinian traditional cuisine is very healthy and full of important vitamins. Ingredients like olives and olive oil or fresh mint, as well as fresh lemon juice and spices make it really special, aromatic and different from the other cuisines.

Ka’ak & Eggs from Oven

Do you know what’s that? That’s a traditional Palestinian breakfast  try it to feel the real culture of the place 🙂 The Ka’ak is sold on the streets in a wagon – you can recognize that the wagon is approaching you when you will hear the strong voice of the seller shouting Ka’ak, Ka’ak! There is as well a bakery selling fresh Ka’ak, it is situated on King David’s Roundabout, just at the end of the Star Street in Bethlehem’s Old City. It is really worth to wake up early and try that simple dish, don’t forget to buy Zaatar – a special spice, which a mix of wild thyme, salt and sesame seeds.

Shawerma & Falafel

In Bethlehem you can find many places serving falafel sandwich or shawerma.

Don’t be surprised when you will get only a piece of unrolled bread, shark bread (looking like a pancake) and pieces of meat or chicken…No worries, that’s not the end! 🙂 In many places the client puts the salads by himself. You can choose between pickles, cabbage salad or tomato and cucumber salad or mix all of them together – as you like!

Salads … Salaads

If you like salads and fresh food you shouldn’t miss Bonjour Restaurant and Cafe and eats its Bonjour salad with pieces of fried traditional cheese. It is simply yummy! The small bowl is enough as a main dish for two or as a side salad for four people. The Tent Restaurant in Beit Sahour serves choice of traditional salads with Taboon bread, which is baked of stones. This option could be a nice appetizer for a bigger group or a satisfying meal for two.

Cup of Tea… with fresh mint please!

In Palestine, most of people add some extra herbs to their tea. It could be a fresh mint ‘nana’ or sage ‘miramiyeh’. The herbs make the tea a lot of tastier… so the habit of adding them can become even your addiction 🙂 If the sweetened tea is not your cup of tea, communicate it in advance, as mainly it comes sweet.


‘Knafeh Nablusye’, ‘Baklave’ and ‘Halaw w Semsem’ are the traditional sweets of the region. You simply can’t miss them! That’s just a heaven for your mouth – look at the photosKanafeh is made of very fine vermicelli-like pastry.

Visitor Information Center would like to see your opinion about the food you have eaten in Bethlehem! Share your words with the world and write your recommendation in the comments 🙂 Please, as well check the Palestine Food أكل فلسطيني – a page of very passionate people about cooking and adding mouth watering pictures, also used in this post. Thank you!


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