World Fair Trade Day – Bethlehem – 12.05.2012

Visitor Information Center would like to invite you to an annual event for World Fair Trade Day in Bethlehem, which is going to held 12.05.2012.

The Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) & Fair Trade Development Center (FTDC) – Bethlehem University will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day on Saturday May 12th by holding an Open Day in the heart of Bethlehem center at Manger Square from 10am until 5pm.

The Minister of Tourism, Khouloud Daibes, will officially open the event in Bethlehem.  She is a great supporter of Fair Trade as a new movement yet to be empowered in Palestine.

Twenty different producer groups from local villages from Palestine will each have a presentation table to display their products and promote them to open Day visitors.  We are hoping that locals, international tourists to Bethlehem & invitees will come and enjoy the day; taking the opportunity to meet the talented producers, listen to their stories and buy their handicrafts.

Special program events will be presented during the day:

  • Small presentations about Fair Trade.
  • Play called Olive oil market – this play will present the principals of Fair trade.
  • Two groups of Folklore (Dabkeh).
  • Small reception.

Visitor Information Center wishes you a great time in Palestine! The invitation was taken from Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans Website.


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