Summer Dress Code in Palestine

Before you come to Palestine you might think: “What kind of clothes shall I take with me?” What shall I wear to respect the other culture than mine? Let the Visitor Information Center help you to prepare for the travel ūüôā It is actually pretty easy!

In the summer months of Jun, July & August, the average temperatures in Palestine oscillate between 25 – 35 ‘ C, which means that the weather is pretty hot. What is more, this is also a dry period, which means there is no rain at all.

You do not really need to worry about taking umbrella or rubber boots, but rather sun blocker, sun glasses and sandals. Take with you some comfortable shoes if you wish to roam around a lot.

Take with you some T-shirts, shirts and jeans or cloth trousers Рremember about your comfort. Both Man and Women РTry not to wear the clothes which uncover your arms and back, and the trousers or skirts should be covering your knees. This is recommended, due to some more conservative religious groups.

Shirt Covering Your Arms

If you plan a visit to the sacred churches, your dress should be modest (covering arms and knees). If you think to visit a mosque, remove your shoes at the entrance and if you are a woman cover your head with a scarf and wear preferably a long sleeves shirt.

It might be a good idea to take also some elegant clothes with you – you never know if some locals would invite you to participate in a Palestinian wedding or a baptism in the Nativity Church!

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact the Visitor Information Center РBethlehem.


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