10 top reasons – Why Bethlehem is a perfect place for you to stay?

Visitor Information Center prepared this short article to show you that Bethlehem is a very enjoyable place to stay while you are travelling across Palestine. The points are ordered randomly – order them yourself according to your personal preferences and interests 🙂

Explore the Heritage of Bethlehem – An Old House

  1. Place of the “Beginning” – Bethlehem is the capital of Christmas – the place where Jesus was born. His birth gave its beginning to Christianity. Visit the Nativity Church and the Nativity Grotto.
  2. Hospitable People – Right away you are going to notice that people wish to offer their help in finding your direction; they might also invite you for a tea or coffee; you might look for a home stay with a family from the area etc. Invest in the sustainable tourism – interact with the locals!
  3. Delicious Food – Bethlehem has plenty of small restaurants with local food like falafel or hummus, grilled meat or fresh salads 🙂
  4. Heritage and Culture – Bethlehem keeps its culture; it Heritage Centers and Museums; Old City of Bethlehem is a great example of town’s heritage
  5. Events and Activities – There is really often something going on – or concerts, or tether plays, or exhibitions, film screenings etc. Check the VIC BLOG for the updates.
  6. Interesting Nature Around Bethlehem – If walking in the nature or villages surrounding Bethlehem you might seen landscapes nature you have never seen in other places.
  7. Accommodation Available – Everything depends what kind of accommodation you are looking for: hotels, family guest houses, youth hostels, stay in a convent – that everything is available in Bethlehem!
  8. Traditional items shopping – special embroidered textiles, mother of pearl or olive wood items, unique ceramics and things made from glass and many many more…
  9. Possibility of voluntary services in different fields – do you want to volunteer in Bethlehem? Write to VIC what is in your interest and we are going to help you in finding a place.
  10. Good Prices – take a look below:

POSIBLE low budget PRICES in Bethlehem:

  • Budget accommodation per night: 15-20 $
  • Full Palestinian meal: 5 $ – 7 $
  • Lemonade with mint: 2.5 $
  • Falafel sandwich: 1 $ NIS
  • Private taxi ride “from Bethlehem to Beit Sahour”: 4 $ – 5 $ (remember to bargain with the taxi drivers)
  • Service (shared taxi): less than 1 $
  • You can enter all the holy sights for free
  • Museums: free – 4 $ per person

For more information and tips about your stay in Bethlehem please contact the Visitor Information Center. We are here to help you enjoy your stay in Palestine!


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