Bethlehem for one day? That’s too less!

When some of you are planning a trip to Bethlehem you might think of it as an “only-one-day” or “couple-of-hours” destination. However, Visitor Information Center Bethlehem would like to encourage you to spend some more time around! Many people who came to our center were surprised how many things they could do and how many places there is to visit in the Bethlehem area. Some of the visitors were flexible with their trip, so they even decided to find an accommodation in the town 🙂

Let’s start from looking at the map of Bethlehem’s center to imagine better the places you could visit:

  1. Basilica of the Nativity & Nativity Grotto – The Place of Jesus’ Birth.
  2. Visitor Information Center – Start your trip from here to get a free copy of your city map and extra directions plus information about events. (Closed on Sun. & Mon. – please contact us by E-mail)
  3. Milk Grotto – A legendary grotto where the Holy Family supposed to hide from King Herod soldiers before their escape to Egypt. Visit it to learn more about the miraculous power of the place.
  4. Omar Mosque – It is possible to visit the mosque, but not in the moment of the prayer and before you enter please remove your shoes and cover your hear if you are a women.
  5. Peace Center – A place worth a visit if you are looking about more information about the town. They have there a cute book shop with plenty of informative books and nice gadgets. (Closed on Fri. & Sun.)
  6. Al Beituna Telhame Museum is an old house arranged in a 19th century style – see how the Bethlehemites used to live! (Entrance 10 NIS; closed on Fri. & Sun.)
  7. Al Bad Museum – the place presents an old olive press and the person working there is going to introduce you to the important for Palestinian people culture of olive oil. (Free entrance; closed on Fri. & Sun.)
  8. Old Market (Souk) – there you could buy your fresh vegetables, fruits and sides, feel the atmosphere of bargaining and maybe see some selling women still wearing the traditional Palestinian dresses. (Closed on Fridays)
  9. Dar Annadwa is a place where you could see local contemporary art exhibitions and often attend some events.
  10. Christmas Lutheran Church – the oldest Lutheran church in the Holy Land. To enter the place ask the person sitting at the reception in Dar Annadwa.
  11. International Nativity Museum – there you can feel the atmosphere of Christmas whole year long; their beautiful collection of nativity cribs from all over the world is a worth seeing thing. (entrance 20 NIS)
  12. Star Street & the Old City – Star Street is considered to be the way Mary and Joseph came to the Nativity Grotto. Stroll the street to enjoy the old architecture of Bethlehem. It is in UNESCO.
  13. King David Wells – The biblical story (2 Sam. 23:15) tells that Kind David wanted to drink from the wells situated close to the entrance of Bethlehem.
  14. Carmel Monastery – a beautiful old monastery of Carmel Sisters.
  15. Central Bus Station – from the lowest floor of the building you can take a collective taxis to Beit Sahour, Ramallah, Jericho or Hebron, etc.
  16. BUS 21 – the last bus stop of the bus #21 from Jerusalem.

Those are just couple of VIC’s suggestions and that’s just the center of the town! What about the suburbs? Many people wish to see the separation wall sharing Bethlehem from Jerusalem and Banksy’s Graffiti on it. There are still beautiful Beit Jala, famous for the St. Nicholas Church and Beit Sahour, known for its Shepherd’s Fields. Other places around Bethlehem are Solomon Pools, Herodium and Mar Saba monastery in the desert.

Bethlehem has also a friendly atmosphere and many nice places where you could sleep. That’s why the VIC suggests you making Bethlehem your travel base.

Check also those informative links:

We are looking forward to see you in Bethlehem and in case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us!


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