Bus from Bethlehem to Taybeh Oktobefest 2012

The 8th Taybeh Oktoberfest is going to take place on the 6th & 7th of October 2012. Taybeh is waiting for you to listen to the bands from Bavaria, Musikkapelle Leobendorf, from Brazil Trio Dona Zefa, from Italy, The Sun and local bands like Al Raseef, and Qalandia Blues while enjoying the mini parade by the Al Harah Theater.

Come and have fun! Learn about Palestinian culture! Have sightseeing in Taybeh! Support the local products of the village!

Taybeh Oktoberfest 2012 is an annual village festival organized in Taybeh, a Palestinian village close to Ramallah, which has its own – only one in Palestine – beer brewery. The festival is organized annually in October since 2005, not just to promote Taybeh Beer but all local Palestinian products made in the village.

Bus from Bethlehem to Taybeh Oktobefest 2012

The Visitor Information Center – Bethlehem would like to make the legendary Taybeh Oktoberfest easier reachable, so we would like to organize a transportation from Bethlehem to Taybeh for the second day of the festival – Sunday 7th of October.

We  think to meet in front of the VIC around noon and head to Taybeh. There together we could explore the town and join the prepared activities and eat the local specialities. We could discuss the hour of our returning to Bethlehem after the program of the festival’s activities is going to be published.

So if you think that 7th of October is your day for the Taybeh Oktoberfest 2012 and you wish to go from Bethlehem contact us, know more details and reserve your place in the bus!!

The detailed program of the festival:

What to see in Taybeh?

  • Byzantine Ruins of St. George Greek Orthodox Church, “Al-Khader”
  • Greek Orthodox Church, Fr. Daoud Philip Khoury (4th century mosaics in small chapel)
  • Greek Catolic Church, St. George, Fr. Jack Abed
  • Latin Church of the Redeemer, Fr. Raed Abu Sahlieh
  • Taybeh Brewering Company, Mr. Nadim C. Khoury, master brewer
  • Olive Branch Foundation
  • “The Parables House”, Palestinian Traditional Home (Latin Convent)
  • New Modern Olive Press (open olive season only)
  • “Beit Efram” for eldery and handicapped
  • Taybeh Museum and Stone Cutting School

For more information visit websites of Taybeh Municipality and Greek Orthodox Church in Taybeh. Read as well the article about the festival by the Oktoberfest organizer – Dr. Maria Khoury published in This Week in Palestine.


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