Join the 7th Olive Harvest Festival 2012 in Burqin from Bethlehem

VIC has a pleasure to announce the 7th annual Harvest Festival which is going to be held on Canaan grounds in Burqin/Jenin from 2nd till 4th of November 2012.

The festival, or Jaru’a, is a traditional end of harvest celebration giving gratitude for another year of abundance. Farmers, women producers, fair trade distributors, and international visitors gather together to celebrate the fruit of the season. Come and taste the delicious meal of Musakhan prepared by the local women cooperatives, enjoy the freshly baked Taboun bread with freshly pressed olive oil, and mint tea on bonfires!

Join the bus from Bethlehem !! The VIC is organizing a bus from Bethlehem especially to take you to Jenin, Burqin and Canaan! Contact the VIC on: to receive more information.

Visit also the Burqin Church or St. George’s Church is a Byzantine-era Orthodox Christian church in the Palestinian West Bank town of Burqin. It is considered to be the fifth-oldest Christian holy place and the third-oldest church in the world. The church has been restored several times and is currently in use by the village’s small Orthodox Christian community.


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