Alternative Accommodation in the Christmas Time in Bethlehem

Bethlehem is a special place to spend the Christmas in as it is the exact place of Jesus Birth.

Merry Christmas from  Bethlehem

Christmas period is a high touristic season in Bethlehem – the visitors are coming from around the world to spend those special moments in this special town. This kind of situation makes it a bit harder for the visitors to find an accommodation. That is why the Visitor Information Center prepared this short note about possible alternative accommodations for tourists.

You might want to stay with a local family or rent an apartment or room? VIC would like to help you in that case. Just contact us on

You might also check some hostels in the Bethlehem’s area:

In case if all the places would be booked, please contact the Visitor Information Center – we are going to help you find a place to stay in Bethlehem.  Contact VIC

Visitor Information Center wishes you a great time in Bethlehem – Palestine!


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