Saint Nicholas Celebrations 2012 in Beit Jala

Beit Jala is situated only 2 km from Bethlehem,   it lies on the slope of a hill covered with many olive and apricot trees.

Beit Jala has a beautiful old core of the town, where the local sculptors have left mark on many buildings. What is more, Beit Jala is a home of many monasteries, from which the most famous is the church of Mar Nichola (St. Nicholas) with its square tower and glittering dome. The church was founded on the site of the old cave inhabited by St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) who came to the Holy Land from Capadocia in Asia Minor.

Every year the town celebrates the St. Nicholas’ Feast. The program for the year 2012 features many interesting events:

Thursday, 29/11/2012
17:00 Opening events (welcome speech, religious prayer, the national anthem) in the Ehsan Orthodox Institution
17:30 Opening of the Christmas Bazaar in the Scout’s Orthodox Club in Beit Jala Note: Christmas Bazaar will continue until Sunday, 2/12/2012

Friday, 30/11/2012
18:00 Theatre Play (for all ages)

Sunday, 2/12/2012
17:00 Theatre Play by Al-Hayah Group and Comedy Show

Saturday, 15/12/2012
17:00 St. George Choir

Sunday, 16/12/2012
16:00 Play for children by Masrah Al-Harah Theatre (Scout Hall)
17:00 Theatre Show by Masrah Al-Babawi (Assembly Hall)
17:30 Religious lecture by Father Youssef Hodali

Tuesday, 18/12/2012
15:00 Vespers at St. Nicholas Church
18:00 Concerts by Steve Hanna, Jacob Shaheen, George Teljiyeh

Wednesday, 19/12/2012
07:30 Mass – St. Nicholas Day
12:00 Scout’s Parade at Beit Jala
13:00 – 15:00 Lunch at Ladies Association of Child Care
17:30 Shibat Band / Choirs


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