Hike ‘Wadi Jaheer’ with the Auja Eco Center in the Jordan Valley

Join the Hike in the Jordan Valley from Bethlehem!

  • Date: 13 – 14 December 2012
  • Meeting on the Manger Square in Bethlehem at 6 pm on the 13th of Dec.
  • 13th of Dec.: 7 pm – arrival at Auja, 8 pm – dinner with Beduins
  • 14th of Dec.: 6:30 am – breakfast, 7 pm – hike, 12 – lunch and departure
  • Accommodation in the Auja Guest House

Hike in the Jordan Valley

“The Jordan River Valley is a special place. At the Auja Eco Center, we work to protect the landscape and support the people of the valley through environmental education and eco-tourism. We welcome you to join us in exploring the valley, meeting its people, and preserving its beauty for future generations”

Wadi Jaheer Auja Eco Center

The spring of Ein Jaheer is unknown to almost everybody except the Bedouins that come here to water their flocks. From the spring the path winds down to the valley and follows the rocky stream bed to Ein Fassayal. Again, the trail involves some light scrambling down to the eroded watercourse.

The hike is no more than 5 km, but this must be one of the best walks in Palestine for observing birds and wildlife. There are gazelle and ibex here, as well as hyrax and desert foxes. The long legged Buzzard, the Snake Eagle, the little Owl, and the Lesser Kestrel all nest in the cliffs above the valley. The whole valley feels quiet and remote.

Contact the Visitor Information Center for more information and suggestions about other hikes on vicbethlehem@gmail.com


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