Art Exhibition in Bethlehem: 400 Years of Palestinian Creativity…

“400 Years of Palestinian Creativity” is a selection of multiple art works from a private collection of George Michel Al Ama, currently exhibited in the newly opened building of Bank of Palestine in Bethlehem. The bank is situated on the Jerusalem – Hebron road, very close to the Intercontinental Hotel in Bethlehem.

Traditional Palestinian Dress

“This exhibition is an attempt to present a new perspective on Palestinian fine art.” writes George Michel Al Ama

BOP - Exhibition

The exhibition presents:

  • Some of the items dating as far to 17th century
  • Beautiful carvings in the mother of pearl and wood made not only as souvenirs but also gifts for kings and presidents.
  • Glass and ceramic art, e.g. Palestinian Armenian Pottery
  • One of the extinct arts of Palestine: Dead Sea stone carving.
  • Art of embroidery of Palestinian traditional costumes – the essential component of Palestinian identity and culture.
  • Fine Art in painting and more of distinctive artists like Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, Jamal Bardan, Mustafa Al Hallaj, and Sophie Halaby.
  • Contemporary arts by Silman Mansour, Nabil Anani, Vera Tamari, Tayseer Barakat as well as the artworks of the movement in the diaspora.
  • & more…

Visitor Information Center would like to recommend you paying a visit to the gallery of BOP to enjoy the “400 Years of Palestinian Creativity” exhibition while touring Bethlehem! The collection is scheduled to be exposed for one year. The opening was on the 26th of March 2013.


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