Celebrating Olive Harvest at Dar Zahran Heritage Building in Ramallah

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Dar Zahran Heritage Building (http://www.darzahran.org/) is located in the heart of Ramallah’s Old Town. The atmosphere and the activities at Dar Zahran aim to preserve the past of today’s fast expanding modern city of Ramallah.

For 250 years this building has been the property of the Ramallite Zahran Jaghab family, serving as a family home, guest chamber (Al-Madafa), and the place of residence of Ramallah’s Mukhtar (the head of the town).


This old traditional stone building with an enchanting layout is one of the finest examples of traditional homes in Ramallah region and the time-honored art of masonry. After five years of painstaking restoration work, this site has now become radiant cultural, artistic and tourist center in Ramallah.

It includes an art gallery, a photo gallery of Ramallah from 1850 to 1979, a souvenir shop and a Fair Trade corner selling authentic Palestinian food products, books, embroidery, pottery and jewelryVisit Dar Zahran to experience a journey through centuries of  Palestinians’ ancient cultural and heritage.



Months of October and November is the time of Olive Harvest in Palestine. Visitor Information Center – Bethlehem would like to present the activities devoted to that special period of the year, organized by Dar Zahran.

Activities Program at Dar Zahran – October & November 2013

  • Friday and Saturday 11-12 Oct. – Oil painting and photo exhibition (11 am – 7 pm)
  • Sunday 13 Oct. – Olive Harvesting, photographic tour and photo exhibition (6 am – 7 pm at Terra Fidea* – more info below) – for transportation contact info@darzahran.org
  • Thursday 17 Oct. – Film screening “The Olive Harvest” by Hanna Elias – Drama 92 min. at 6 pm at Dar Zahtan
  • Friday and Saturday 25-26 Oct. – Photo exhibition “Terra Fidea” (11 am – 7 pm)
  • From 28 Oct. to 11 Nov. – Tasting of the fresh olive oil from the olives collected at the land of Terra Fidea – 11 am – 7 pm, except Sundays at Dar Zahran

Location: Old City, opposite Arab Bank-Al- Balad branch- Ramallah Al-Tahta.

Opening hours: Monday through Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

Tel/Fax: 02-2963470 | Moble:0599511800

E-mal: info@darzahran.org


Terra Fidea “Land of Fidelity” is considered to be a historic area of great significance to Palestinian heritage in the city of Ramallah. the name Terra Fidea originates from Latin, meaning faithful and sincere. This narrow valley is situated between two mountains, in which ancient roman trees flourish, as well as pine, oak, eucalyptus, figs, peaches, almonds, apricots, grape wines and wild herbs such as thumb and sage.

Ruins in Terra Fidea indicate that it was once the site of a Roman village. In the valley there are rock carvings and wildlife, as well as “palaces” that serve agricultural purposes. Referred to as al-manatir, these a re important historical monuments to the traditional lives of palestinian society. There was also a spring of water that used to provide fresh , pure water to the area.

The continued survival of the Terra Fidea as an authentic ecological microcosm is under threat from dwindling water supplies, urban development and competition for land. We invite you to visit Terra Fidea, and to experience Palestinian cultural and historical heritage in this area. Please contact Dar Zahran Heritage Building to participate in the site visits.


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