Special Thanks to the Palestine Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Visitor Information Center in Bethlehem, a project of John Paul II Foundation, would like to express a gratitude towards the Palestine Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for providing us with beautiful Christmas promotional and informational materials. And among which are: “Christmas Season Schedule of Events 2013-2014”; brochures about various sites of interest located in the area of Bethlehem, bookmarks with the image of the Grotto of the Nativity and a calendar for year 2014; and the most important Certificates of Pilgrimage.


We are glad to distribute those materials in the Visitor Information Center – Bethlehem!

Every person visiting Bethlehem during the Christmas Season will be able to receive an official:



Be it known that —— journeyed to the ancient and holy city of Bethlehem and stayed in its hotels for the celebration of Christmas in the year 2013 – 2014, at —— and with this gratitude of the “living Stone” of Palestine, may bear the title of CHRISTMAS PILGRIM heartier. – Minister of Tourism and Antiquities – Rula Ma’ayah


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