20th Artas Lettuce Festival 2014

Visitor Information Center – Bethlehem has a pleasure to inform you about the 20th Artas Lettuce Festival which will take place in Artas village located just next to Bethlehem on the 12th of April 2014.

Artas Olive Groves

“Located at a crossroads of ecosystems and civilizations, this lovely village just to the south of Bethlehem is particularly rich in archeological remains and is steeped in traditions and folklore of successive civilizations. Come follow in the footsteps of the legendary men and women who have been drawn to Artas, making it one of the best documented villages in Palestine.” – Leyla Zuaiter.

Artas Lettuce Festival will be a ‘moving festival’ which will feature a short hike through the village with special stations with cultural program. The meeting point will be at Qalet el-Murad – an old Ottoman fortress – at 9:00 am, setting off at 9:30 am passing by Solomon Pools, Water Channels, Pine Forest, Khirbet Khoh, Wadi Artas reaching the village of Artas and its abundant spring, where the villagers will wait for the participants with a special performance of a traditional Palestinian wedding. There will be as well a possibility of picking up your own fresh lettuce from the field! Women from Artas will also prepare delicious stuffed breads that could be enjoyed on the way.

For reservations and prices contact the Artas Folklore Centre – call Fadi 0599679492 or Maram 0598490340 or write to the VIC at vicbethlehem@gmail.com

How to get there?

Artas is located just next to the Solomon Pools area. Take a collective taxi for 3 NIS per person from in front of the Bus Station (Bethlehem City Center) in Bethlehem and ask to go to Dhesieh. Often a driver, when asked could take you a bit further to the area of the Solomon Pools – the place where all events will start or take place. In case the distance between Dhesieh and Solomon pools is walkable. There is also secure parking near the Solomon’s Pools.

Monastery of the Hortus Conclusus in the Background of the Artas Village

Pictures of Artas taken by Fadi Sanad – the coordinator of the event and the representative of the Artas Cultural Center. Contact Fadi at 0599679492 (Arabic) to learn more about the festival.

Visitor Information Center wishes you a great time during the festival!

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