Palestine Marathon 2014

Visitor Information Center in Bethlehem would like to present the ‘Right to Movement – 2nd Palestine Marathon’, which will take place in Bethlehem on the 11th of April 2014.

Palestine Marathon

The organization ‘Right to Movement’ invites everybody to join the event who wants “to run, move and move things, and to support the human rights”. The start and finish point will be the Church of the Nativity – to create the unique atmosphere. The marathon means 42,195 km … but there are also ‘half marathon’ and 10 km or 5 km runs. Anybody, who wants to take part in any of the runs needs to register – info about the registration can be found on ‘Right to Movement – Palestine Marathon’.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of movement, but not everyone has the option. Restriction on movement is one of the major challenges for the Palestinian people living under occupation. Palestinians cannot move freely on roads, or from one city to another.” Read more:

Sign up now:


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